Monday, July 22, 2013

Jackson's Birthday Experience- Bats!

We celebrated Jackson's birthday the Saturday after his birthday with grandparents from both sides and Uncle Bryan and soon-to-be Aunt Brandi.  It was a nice gathering and the first time we've hosted guests in the new house!

For Jackson's birthday experience, we went to see the bats.  This is a very Austin experience, as Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America and every night when in residence (about March through early Fall) they head out to forge for dinner en mass. It is quite a sight to see! 

The facts.
Jackson was a huge hit with his bat wings (that we picked up at the Indy Zoo).

He really enjoyed the fan/spray bottle I bought to keep us cool.
Surprisingly enough, we really didn't need them as it was pleasant outside-
especially for the middle of July!

We had a picnic as we waited for the bats to emerge.

My point and shoot camera wasn't the best choice to photograph the bats,
but all of the little black spots are bats. 
They emerged in waves. Just amazing!

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