Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Random Bits

Random summer bits--

-During the trip and since, Alyssa has emphatically told me how much the powerball jackpot was every time she saw a sign. "Did you see that?  60 million dollars!  That is a lot of money!"

Alyssa was an instant winner (and got 50 points) at our grocery store. 
She was almost as excited as if she won the powerball.
-I have been excited to see that Matthew has recently started playing with cars.  When he had no interest, I was getting a little sad that our big bin of cars may be enjoying their last days of play, but they are currently the toy-de-jour.

-I was feeling a bit guilty this morning that I hadn't planned an outing for the day and have been pretty much letting the kids do their own thing this morning.  Sometimes this 'free play' backfires on me in a big way when the kids start bickering and so on.  Then I heard 'music' coming from Alyssa's room.  They had formed their own rock band, with Jackson on guitar, Matthew on the drums, and Alyssa as the singer. Since the picture, they have moved to Jackson's room where they constructed a stage, with curtain and speakers made of blankets and pillows.  Darren is in for quite a show when he gets home.

-Matthew has more and more verbal communication.  Within the last week, we've heard "I go e" (for "I go eat", with the food sign), "Leme go" (for "Let me go" when Darren was hugging on him tight), and a handful of other singular words.  I'm not sure strangers would be able to recognize it all, but his 'thank you' is getting pretty understandable.  This is a huge leap forward and gives us great hope that in time, with likely years more speech therapy, that Matthew will be able to communicate verbally with everyone!

-Less than 2 weeks till school starts.  I am excited but know it is going to hit us like a ton of bricks.  Later this week, we have new family orientation at the school and a play date for soon to be kindergartners (Jackson).  Next week, we have another play date and meet the teacher.  We need to practice our bike ride to/from school once or twice more, but we are close to being ready!

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