Friday, August 23, 2013

The Mall

Yesterday, Jackson, Alyssa and I were trying to come up with a mutually agreeable restuarant choice for lunch.  Since we seemed to be at an impass, and we were close to our local mall, we ate at the food court.  We all ate from different establishments and were quite pleased.  Afterwards, we browsed through the Disney store and then headed elsewhere. 

Several times during our outing, both Alyssa and Jackson commented how 'the mall is awesome!'  After hearing this several times, I asked, 'haven't we been to a mall before?' to which Alyssa responded 'just for my build-a-bear last year'.  Thinking back, it is pretty rare we go to an indoor mall-- I can think of 2 maybe 3 times in the kids lifetimes.  Huh! 

The kids thought it was a big treat, which definitely can't be said for going to Target or Walmart (which we frequent much, much, much more).

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