Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

When Alyssa looked at the calendar this morning, she exclaimed "Wo-hoo!  It's August! Only 25 more days till school starts!"  I'm equally as excited, with a tad bit of dread thrown in. 

We've been back from our summer road trip adventure for over 3 weeks and we've just about exhausted our available summer fun, especially when it is over 100 degrees outside almost every afternoon.  We've played with play dough, played outside, gone to the park, gone to the pool, had lunch outside, done crafts, practiced our school work, baked with the easy bake oven, played games, watched educational television, practiced our bike ride to school, played Wii, watched non-educational television, read books, had a few playdates, done puzzles, played with our toys, thrown the ball for the dog, done chores, fought with one another, cried a bit, laughed a bunch, and we've done it all over and over again.  I'm ready for school to start.

But... school here starts 30 minutes earlier than school in Cypress.  So, we'll have to figure out, for the first time since the kids were babies, how to start our day 30 minutes earlier.  Hence, the bit of dread. 

Play Dough-- keeps them occupied but the clean up isn't fun.

The $3 Easy Bake Oven was worth it for the fun to make, but not the greatest tasting cookies.

TV-- ahhh, a few minutes of quiet.
Have to hang at the pool...because of the next picture!

Hot, hot, hot!
But not humid!

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