Monday, October 21, 2013

Fretting Over Small Milestones

I've fretted about each of Matthew's milestones-- unsure if and/or when he would hit them. I took a sigh of relief after Matthew uttered a few words, thinking speech was the final frontier.  I realized Saturday morning that I was wrong. There will always be another milestone, another reason to fret, down the road.  It might be a smaller milestone, like using a spoon, but there are many more to look forward to and that will likely cause me consternation. 

After a horrible potty training day on Friday, Saturday morning I was dejected by Matthew's potty training progress. My mind was swirling with the doubt-- will he even be able to do this? is his body so different he won't be able to do this?  what will our life be like as he gets older and never does this?  After my fretting, he seemed to figure it out a bit more this weekend.  After a Friday (almost a week into it) with 7 (!) accidents, he had only 1 (!) all weekend long.  Now, I'm not doing a happy dance just yet, as he's still a long way from bathroom independence, but this was great progress!

Matthew has proven to us time and time again that he will do it on his time table, not ours, but it is a lesson I have to be reminded of, in real time, again and again.

I fretted Matthew wouldn't be able to master a spoon,
but he has figured it out!

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