Friday, October 18, 2013

Lovin' and Not

Some of the things I'm lovin' these days---

I volunteer once a week at the elementary school, helping Jackson's teacher do workroom projects.  This sign hangs in the work room and I love it...a lot!  The compliments range from 'You are doing a great job' and 'Thanks for all that you do' to 'You look great today' and 'Nice shoes'.  In my book, whomever thought of this sign is as awesome as the sign is.  It makes my day every day I see it.

I was clearing out the closet of outgrown costumes and one costume of Jackson's caught Matthew's eye.  Unfortunately, it is too small for Mattie, but he didn't seem to mind playing dress up in it anyway.

Alyssa and Jackson made a rocket ship out of a discarded Amazon box and it has been a favorite this week.  This picture looks like quintessential childhood to me.

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Brandi bought the kids a huge box of chalk and it has gone to great use on our driveway, walkway and porch.  I love it! 

The one thing I'm not lovin'--

There is a large amount of wildlife in our neighborhood that freaks me out.  I've seen a snake and trachela crossing the road (sounds like the start of a joke, but believe me, I wasn't laughing).  We have huge lizards living in our bushes.  We found an ugly spider on the car.  You can hear coyotes howling at night.  It's just a little more rural than this suburbanite is accustomed. 

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