Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Uga Muga

Every so often, the difference between the life we are leading and the life we likely had imagined strikes me.  I had that moment last week as I walked Matthew into school.  Before Matthew was born, if you had asked me to envision what life might be like 3.5 years down the road, I would have come up with something, but I really have no idea what that might have been.  I know it wouldn't have included (a) me being a stay at home mom nor (b) Matthew being unique nor (c) Matthew attending a preschool program for kids with disabilities.  Even though I would have never imagined it then, I can't imagine my life without it now. 

I love walking Mattie into preschool, even though he can be quite obstinate about it at times.  Holding his little hand, seeing him with his backpack, walking with him into the classroom, hearing him saying 'hi' to his classmates-- all moments I wouldn't want to miss.  Last week, he wanted me to carry him in.  As I picked him up, he wanted to 'uga-muga' (rub noses). I stood still, wanting to soak in the moment.  It might not be what we imagined, but it is better than we could have dreamed. 

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