Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Verbal Jump

We are in awe of Matthew's recent verbal jump.  Now, to the outsider, it might not appear to be much.  He's got about a dozen words strangers can mostly understand-- mama, daddy, hi, bye, no, thank you, good, go, uh-oh, ow, ok, shhh along with some specific sounds like meow, moo, and woo-woo.  Not exactly a huge vocabulary for a 3 year old, but when you go from absolutely nothing to something, it is a huge leap!  And one we are still quite excited about!

Matthew attempts many more words and sounds, but they aren't always recognizable.  This is also a big jump for him, as he wasn't even attempting before this summer.  He still has a long way to go, with likely years and years of speech therapy but this jump has been huge.  I feared he wouldn't walk-- and he runs.  I feared he wouldn't talk-- and with these few words, he's put my fear aside.   

The other day at a restaurant, I overheard Matthew having a small (and awesome!) conversation with a nice woman at the soda machine. 
Matthew- "Hi" 
Stranger- "Hi.  How are you?" 
Matthew- "Good"
Stranger- "Oh, that is wonderful.  Have a good day."
Matthew-  "Bye"
Stranger- "Bye"

Matthew was playing with my phone while awaiting therapy on Monday
and some how turned the pictures to black and white.  Never boring.

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