Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last Bits of Babyhood

The last bits of babyhood have left the Hoy House.  There is no longer a row of 3 car seats smashed in the backseat of the car.  The strollers are no longer in the trunk, but now hang on the garage wall, with cobwebs covering the wheels.  The crib is in the attic, disassembled, awaiting a new life with a future niece or nephew.  There are no booster seats at our kitchen table.  And our youngest Hoy is now wearing big boy underpants. 

Potty training is not fun at all.  I figure the 'not fun' part will last a bit longer with Matthew than it did with the other kids. It usually takes a bit longer for the switch to get flipped for him, but he is making progress, albeit slow.  I love progress and the thought that one day all of the kids will be bathroom independent.  Until that happens though, I foresee a bunch of laundry and more than a few glasses of wine in my future. 

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