Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A few random thoughts that all connect:

Alyssa loves to read.  It makes my heart sing, as I love to read too.  She's been a big reader for a couple of years now, and she devours books. 

(This connects, I promise.)  Over the summer, we started allowing Alyssa and Jackson to earn an allowance. When we started, we had the kids write down a 'want' list of items for which they would save their money.  Alyssa's number 1 item on her want list was a Kindle.  She has about a dozen books she reads on my Kindle (which I got for Xmas last year-- thank you, Darren!), and she wanted one all her very own. Even the cheapest new one isn't all that cheap for a 7 year old, and at $4/week max, it was going to take a while to save up.  Adding to that time, Alyssa lost her saved money (about $40) during our trip to LA--hope someone enjoyed it.   

 (Again, promise this connects!)  Our neighborhood has a facebook group where people buy and sell their no longer loved possessions. I found an older Kindle on the site, and Alyssa was able to purchase it with her saved money on Sunday.  Big win!  Alyssa loves her new-to-her Kindle that she bought with her own money!

Adding to the excitement-- did you know that you can check out ebooks from the library?  We knew in theory, but hadn't done it until now, and wow!  Awesome!
Last year, Jackson begun reading, but I wouldn't say he was in love with it.  This year, before the Kindle purchase, he had come around and exclaimed "I love to read" the other night at bedtime (again, making my heart sing!).  Now that Alyssa has a Kindle, Jackson has decided he wants to add one to his 'want' list.  I told him while we await a used version on our neighborhood site, he can borrow mine. 

So, yesterday when they got home, they both rushed to grab the Kindles to read their checked out library books.  Yippee! 

My old school heart hurt a bit that they are so enamoured to read on technology, but Jackson renewed my hope in the future when he asked if we could go to the library this weekend to check out a 'real' book too.  Ah, life is good!

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