Sunday, October 13, 2013


Friday night was the school Fall festival (aka Rattlerfest), and we had so much fun.

We enjoyed fair food--
hamburger, hot dog, french fries, funnel cake, fried snickers and frozen yogurt.
My stomach aches just thinking about it all!

I think Alyssa and Matthew enjoyed the petting zoo the most.

While Jackson totally dug inflatable boxing with his friend.

Even better than the fun, it felt like we belonged.  The kids were constantly saying "hi" to friends, we ran into neighbors, I talked with some moms that I volunteer at the school with, and we met parents of our kids' friends.  It was such a contrast to the day of open house, where we didn't see a soul that we knew.  I came home after open house and cried.  I felt so isolated and alone, missing our 'old' life.  After Rattlerfest, I felt content with the warmth of belonging.  It felt good.

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