Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big Green - Week 2

Remarkably, Jackson is still handling big green amazingly well!  I think I've had more woe-is-me moments than Jackson has had!

We traveled about 20 hours round trip to Mississippi last weekend and we pushed it a little too hard getting back (not stopping as often as we should have) but Jackson weathered it well overall. And it was totally worth it, as we had a fantastic time seeing family and adding Aunt Tiffany to our family!  (Congratulations to Uncle Will and Aunt Tiffany!)  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was tons of fun.  We are pretty sure Jackson was out on the dance floor more with the cast than he would have been without it. 

2 (plus) weeks down, 4 more to go!

Broke down and got a handicapped tag for Jackson,
not really because the distance,
but more for the extra space to get him and the wheelchair in and out.
I know it is justified, but still feels weird to use it.

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