Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Moments

-Jackson went to Lego camp for Spring Break, with big green!  And after he spent 7 hours there each day, what did he do when he got home? He built with Legos.

-Matthew has been singing in the car to "What Does the Fox Say".  He has a few favorite songs that he approximates and I love each and every one...even "What Does the Fox Say".

-Alyssa wanted to go early to tutoring over Spring Break, so she could get more work done.  This is the academic girl I'm used to seeing.  She's been a little MIA this school year, but I'm glad to know that deep down, she's still in there!

-Matthew was completely put out there wasn't school during spring break.  He would frequently say "Iwannago" and sign "school".  When I told him there was no school this week, he would get pretty mad. 

-For the last several months, Matthew has been writing primarily with his right hand.  Spring Break, he decided to mix it up and start writing with his left.

-Alyssa, Matthew and I went to Cypress to visit friends at the end of Spring Break.  It was bitter sweet-- great to see good friends (and old teachers!) and catch up, but sad too in that we don't get to see them more often.  I kept reminding her (and me) how lucky we are that we have love in both places!

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