Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank you!

When people talk about luck, Darren and I usually slip each other a secret look.  We feel like we know a bit about luck and amazing odds-- we have the 1 in 7 billion kid.  His chromosome duplication is de novo, meaning that it didn't come from Darren or me, and that if he had been conceived moments earlier or moments later, he might not have his duplication.  Luck and amazing odds.

We also feel like we know a lot about luck because we have been so very lucky as we've navigated Matthew's journey. If we hadn't lived in Houston when he was born, we might not have received such a quick diagnosis or been tied in with such an amazing support team of doctors, nurses, and therapists for the past 4 years. If his GI hadn't by chance noticed his big heart in an xray of his intestines, Matthew would have likely succumed to heart failure.  If his craniofacial surgeon and team in the OR weren't unbelievably quick and amazing, he likely would have bled out during surgery.  We have been so lucky.

We know we are so very lucky to have the family and friends that we have, all of whom have been unbelievably supportive and caring during the past 4 plus years.  We can't even imagine what this journey would be like without each and every one.  Thank you!

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