Thursday, March 27, 2014

Messy and Incremental

At lunch the other day, one of our friends remarked that 'progress on the ground is messy and incremental'.  I nodded my head in agreement because that sums up our experience with Matthew so very well.  He has worked so hard for those 'little' moments.  I reveled in the progress the other day as I watched him eat a bowl of cereal, with milk, on his own.  That progress was messy and incremental, but look!

And I thought about it a little later as he climbed on the swing and wanted to be pushed as we waited for Jackson to get out of school.  This is the kid that struggled to sit on his own, that struggled to stand, and that struggled to walk.  The progress was messy and incremental, but look!

To the outsider, these images may look like just another moment in any other day.  For us, as we saw and experienced the messy, incremental progress day after day, moment after moment, these are amazing moments, the culmination of so much time and effort.  Happy day!

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