Saturday, March 8, 2014

Big Green

Some days just don't go as you planned.  Friday was definitely one of those days.

On Thursday, Jackson came home from school walking slowly, saying he couldn't run on his left leg.  Thursday evening, he had tears from pain in his leg, but after some Advil, he seemed fine.  Then Friday morning, he didn't want to put any pressure on it.  We figured it was a pulled muscle, but wanted him seen by the pediatrician, just in case.  He told the doctor that someone tackled him at recess but I'm not sure the validity of that explanation.

We got in for a prompt appointment on Friday morning and after some prodding, our pediatrician referred us for a set of xrays.  Jackson was a total trooper and I promised him he could have whatever he wanted for lunch.  On our way from the xrays to McDonald's, the pediatrician called.  This not being our first rodeo, I knew it wasn't good when the pediatrician calls you 10 minutes after xrays.  They found a fracture on his femur in his hip socket, right near the growth plate.  Not good at all.

So, instead of McDonald's, we turned the car around and headed for Dell Children's Hospital, where Jackson hobbled around until the doctor said absolutely NO moving the leg.  We spent time in the waiting room, then the ER, then a CT scan, then a pre-op room, and then we met the orthopedic surgeon.  There are 2 methods of treating this type of injury-- cast around the waist and down the leg to immobilize it completely or a screw.  At first I was intrigued by the screw option, until she detailed out the possible issues going forward.  The screw could harm his growth plate and that leg would be shorter than the other with all the issues associated with that OR the growth plate would be okay and he would likely need another surgery in time to get a bigger screw.  Neither of those options seemed good, so he got the around the waist/down the leg cast.  Short term pain for long term gain.  Well, at least we hope.  If in a few weeks, the scans indicate the bone has moved or isn't healing, he may still have to have the screw.  

So, Jackson went under anesthesia for about an hour and woke up with his humongous cast.  We are just now starting to think through the implications and ramifications of this cast.  He can't walk, so will be mainly wheelchair bound for the next 6 weeks. He needs help with all transitions- in and out of the car, bathroom, bed, couch, etc. 

We did hit McDonalds on the way home, which he proceeded to throw up all over our bed.  It was pretty funny as all he had to say about it was 'ooo, that's gross'.  He also worried where we'd sleep, but he was okay once we told him we'd change the sheets and sleep in our bed as usual (that this was not the first time for this!).  He seemed to sleep well and woke up as usual.  The entire day on Friday and so far today, Jackson has been amazing.  He hasn't complained and has been fine.  I'm thinking that his disposition will change as the newness wears off and the boredom sets in, but we'll deal with that if/as it comes. 

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