Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alyssa's Art Commentary

Alyssa and I were reading the "Olivia" book the other day and Alyssa says very emphatically "Jackson did that! See, look, it has his name and it looks just like his scribble-scrabble."  This is what she was looking at--

And she was is by a Jackson (Jackson Pollock) and it does sort of look like our Jackson's scribble-scrabble.

Additionally, last month I went to a paint place where they give you step by step instructions on making your own version of a masterpiece.  When I was telling Alyssa where I was going and what I would be painting (Starry Night), she looked at me with her serious face and asked "Can't you paint a sunny day instead?"  But that day I learned having a pre-schooler can be a boost to your ego, as she loved my interpretation of Starry Night!  Even yesterday she asked "Mommy, can I touch your beautiful painting?"  So sweet, but Alyssa has a lot to learn about art!

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