Monday, November 22, 2010

Blood Donation

The next surgery...the craniosynostosis cranialfacial/ confirmed. Dec 6.  They will be cutting Matthew's scalp, pulling down the skin on his forehead, cutting out the bone that has formed over his metopic suture (middle of forehead) and inserting a synthetic protective plate there that will dissolve in time.  This will allow his brain to grow without restriction. 

Recovery is rough.  He will spend at least one night in ICU and a few more days in recovery.  (Since it is Matthew, we are planning to double that time.)  On the second day, his eyes will swell shut.  We imagine that will be quite disturbing to him.  I'm really dreading this surgery, but it is not optional.  The risks of pressure to his brain are too great.

In preparation, we have a full day of pre-op appointments on Wednesday where we will have our final meeting with our surgeons and what I imagine will be a lengthy visit with anesthesia. 

One of our to-dos before surgery is to line up blood donors for Matthew.  Head wounds bleed a lot, and Mattie will likely need a blood transfusion during this surgery.  Thankfully I have two matches lined up for directed donation (thanks to Dad and Peter!), but ask that everyone else who reads our blog and is able to donate consider donating blood this holiday season.  Although Matthew is lucky and will be covered, there will be countless others who's lives will depend on blood donated by strangers.  Please consider donating.  If you live in the Houston area, you can find a blood donation center at

Thank you for the continued prayers for our sweet baby Matthew.  We constantly say prayers of thanksgiving for the gift of our family and friends!  We cannot imagine how different (and difficult) this journey would be without the love, support and prayers.  Thank you!!

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