Saturday, November 13, 2010

Call From Cardiologist

We received a call back from our original cardiologist on Friday at lunch (after he left a message at Darren's office on Thursday evening).  I gave him the run down since the PDA fix, and he agreed it does sound like Matthew is having symptoms like last time.  He recommended that we put Matthew back on the diuretic and heart meds until we see him Wednesday.  

The doctor also said he had seen the left ventricle hypertrophy (LVH) on the echo that diagnosed the PDA but he didn't call it out as something of concern because he assumes it is related to the PDA.  As we have been suspecting, you work a muscle hard for a very long time, it will become thicker and bigger!  I am so happy to hear our cardiologist say that!  

As well, our cardiologist gave us his cell phone number to call anytime if we have questions or concerns.  What a nice contrast to the frustrating experiences at TCH.  

The last few feeds with Matthew have been good, so we are holding off on the meds until his feeding goes south again, as the diuretic is rough on his one kidney. We are happy to have a back up plan just in case! 

I feel much more relaxed after the call w/Dr L.  The last week we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop (as it has every time Matthew's had feeding issues) but the call today eased my mind a bit.  Now we just wait for the Wednesday appointment and pray for good news! 

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