Thursday, May 5, 2011


In those first few hours after Matthew's birth, we noticed his feet.  They didn't look like typical feet.  They were more rounded, not like a club foot, but more like overly pudgy.  And though a few doctors have mentioned Matthew's feet in passing ("huh, his toes aren't all aligned") no doctor has ever addressed it, even after we've brought it up time and time again.  And now at 14 months, his feet haven't grown out of their pudgy-ness. 

Besides not putting socks on Matthew because his feet are prone to swelling, Darren and I have pretty much ignored this particular Matthew uniqueness.  Until now.  Now that Matthew is putting pressure on his legs and trying to stand, it has become even more evident that this feet aren't typical.  So much so that our physical therapist has recommended braces for his feet.  He'll likely be sized for them within the month.  This is just another unexpected part of Matthew's journey.

Matthew's unique little feet (@ 1 mo)

Matthew loves to suck on his unique little toes
(@ 1 yr)

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  1. Nice. Thanks for that, Katie. Matthew, I still love you to pieces, so don't you fret!