Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I've always heard it takes 6 weeks to make or break a habit.  This Spring I have unintentionally tested that theory.  

First, we gave up restaurants for Lent.  Before Lent, I would typically go out to lunch 1 or 2 times a week and we'd eat out as a family probably 2-3 times on the weekends.  At first, we struggled a bit but as we learned to plan ahead, we realized how much we enjoyed eating at home and how eating out was just a force of habit.  Once we were challenged to do something different, it didn't take long to really get in to it.  We enjoyed cooking out, entertaining at home, being creative, and packing food to go.  Once Lent was over, we made the commitment to not go back to our old ways, but to only eat out occasionally and at places we either wanted to try or really loved.  No more just grabbing something out.  At our first restaurant experience post-Lent, I was a bit disappointed.  Though it was pretty good, and the kids had a good time, I think we could have made something just as good or better at home.  Guess it took the 6 weeks through Lent to break the eating out habit!

Second, I joined a running group to prepare for a 5k.  As I've posted before, I'm not a runner. I vividly remember struggling to run one 12 minute mile when I was in 7th grade to pass P.E. But I know it is an efficient form of exercise and it is the key to managing my weight. I can run, and I do run, but I would never have self-identified as a runner.  Every run during the past 10 weeks I've been a part of this running group, I start out by saying "I'm not sure I can do this" and I end each run with "I can't believe I did it".  We started week 1 by running 1 minute, walking 2 minutes (7 times) and gradually working up.  Today I ran 33 minutes straight. I'm not fast, but I'm running. And I'm committed.  It has taken 10 weeks, but I'm a runner!  Bring on the 5k in 11 days!

The kids did have a good time in the boat (and sand pit) at the restaurant.

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