Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Matthew is scheduled for his 6th surgery tomorrow.  When we left TCH with Matthew when he was 10 days old, this was the surgery we assumed would be first.  But alas, it is the 6th.  Matthew is full of surprises and has had a procedure in the operating room every other month since he was 5 months old. 

5 months- intestines
7 months- heart
9 months- skull
11 months- ear tubes
13 months- nasal repair
15 months- urology

There is a laundry list of activity for tomorrow.  The urologist will bring down Matthew's testes, fix his hernia, scope his urethra to ensure there was no damage when they nicked it inserting a foley catheter in a previous surgery and scope to see if he has a urachus (where his belly button is still attached to his bladder).  If he does have a urachus, they will schedule another surgery at a later date to remove it as that connection often becomes infected and/or cancerous.  When they intubate Matthew, the ENT will scope his throat to see if there are any anomalies (which might have caused his prolonged case of strider).  If they find something in his throat, depending on what it is they will likely keep him overnight to ensure he doesn't fight strider after extubation.  If they don't find anything, we are hopeful we will be able to come home tomorrow. 

With Matthew, we never know.  His history tells us that anything can happen.  You'd think I'd be more comfortable with Matthew going into surgery, it being his 6th time, but I think I get more nervous each time.  Hopefully my worry is for nothing!  Thank you for the continued prayers for our sweet baby Matthew and his doctors! 


  1. We love you all so much! We'll be thinking of everyone and especially Mattie tomorrow!

  2. Saying a prayer for a quick recovery and no hospital stay. Msybe Matthew will be totally unpredictable and take the "normal" route. Thinking of you today. Rebecca