Thursday, May 26, 2011

School Appreciation

It's funny how yearly events help mark the passage of time.  Yesterday was the teacher appreciation luncheon at the preschool.  Last year, I had ended my maternity leave and gone back to work on teacher appreciation day.  This year, I spent the day down at TCH for Matthew's pre-op anesthesia appointment for his surgery next week.  Ah, the difference a year makes!

We changed the kids to this daycare 2 weeks before Matthew was born.  It was the best decision!  The administrators and teachers have been so very supportive of our family these past 15 months.  They cared for Matthew...enduring the time that he screamed when he ate...and have loved on him at every opportunity.  They have nurtured Alyssa and Jackson.  They have supported us through the hard times by allowing us to drop Jackson on his off days when Matthew was in the hospital (and not charging us extra for those days).  I cannot be more thankful for their compassionate care of our children and our family!  And although Alyssa will be going to big school in the Fall, we are glad that Jackson and Matthew have a few more years at this wonderful school.

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