Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 15 Months

Happy 15 months to our sweet baby Matthew! 

Although Matthew is still developmentally delayed (about equivalent to a typical 9 month old), I've been awed by his progress these past months.  After every therapy appointment, his therapist comments "he continues to make progress every time I see him." 

Matthew is doing normal baby stuff...moving around, getting into things, playing with toys, interacting with the world, and so on.  Matthew has to work so very hard for things that come so easily to other babies (like crawling), but he puts in the effort and it pays off in time.  It makes it just that much sweeter! 

Matthew at 15 months
Notice the picture frames on the floor,
it is a time-honored Hoy kid tradition to pull the
doggie photos off the bottom shelf.

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