Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Special Needs

I was asked the other day if Matthew has special needs.  I realized that although I know he will likely be labeled "special needs", he's really not (at least right now).  He's not on any medications. He takes a bottle and eats baby food.  He sleeps well.  He is interactive.  He plays with toys.  The only difference (besides his physical uniquenesses like his missing thumbs, missing kidney, and malformed right ear) is that he is developmentally delayed.   He does pretty much everything an 8 month old would do, despite the fact that he's 14 months.  

I do wonder if strangers notice that Matthew is unique.  Not that it really matters but I do wonder.  I never want to deny Matthew's uniqueness and if people assume he's a typical kid, it almost feels like it betrays our experience.  It is our life, his life, and I never want him to be anything but proud of who he is and the way God made him.  Matthew is so unique but yet seemingly pretty typical too.  And though a little later than usual, I'm excited about how far and how well he is progressing.  He continues to surprise!

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