Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Week of Kinder

Alyssa had a great first week of Kindergarten!  According to Alyssa, the highlights have been--

-going to the gym, which isn't like her preschool gym, because her new gym doesn't have toys. 
-the science center, where they played with a color wheel, making new colors out of others.
-reading books, the classroom has a bunch of books we don't have at home.
-meeting the librarian.
-walking to school in the rain.
-playing with Cleo and TBone (stuffed animals from Clifford)
-the extra curriculars- PE, Art, Music.

From the mommy perspective, it was a great week.  Alyssa was beyond giddy to go to 'big school'.  And each day she came home excited, though a little tired (7 straight hours of kindergarten is a lot).  Walking with her Thursday in the rain made my heart sing. She was just so excited to be going to school, AND to be walking in the rain.  She asked if I would buy her some rain boots so she could jump in all the puddles next time, not just the small ones.  (Thank you Cindy for the hand me downs!)

Every day of the week, she got more and more confident. The first day she let me walk her to her classroom.  Tuesday she asked if I'd wait at the front doors. Wednesday she said she was fine once we got to the bike racks.  Thursday she ran from the corner.  Finally on Friday, before we left the house, she asked if I would wait across the street.  At least she let me kiss her goodbye before she joined the herd of elementary kids crossing the street to the school, but she never looked back. 

I love watching her and her friend Jack enter the school each day ready to conquer whatever may come to them and I equally love watching them come out of school with the big grins on their faces.  I love kindergarten as much as Alyssa does!

Alyssa came home her first day and
wrote this note for me.
Alyssa ready to walk to school in the rain.

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