Thursday, August 4, 2011


I vacillate between worrying about Matthew and thinking that it is all in my head. 

Making me think that something is amiss with Matthew-- The excessive sleeping, increased hemoglobin, decreased oxygen saturation rates, the sweating when no one else is, and now Matthew has decided he won't take liquids.  A few weeks ago, he was taking 16-20 oz of milk/formula (in addition to baby food). Now we are lucky to get  3-6 oz of liquid in him a day.  We've tried various methods (bottle, sippy cup, cup), various liquids (milk, formula, water, sports drink), and various locales (while he's in his chair, in the car, on his changing pad, in our arms, etc).  Nothing seems to help and we cannot get him to take anymore, no matter what.  Again, Matthew is making sure we know that you can lead a baby to the liquid, but you can't make him drink.  We learned this lesson the hard way a year ago, I'd prefer not to be reminded. 

All of these things...are they symptoms of 1 issue, or a symptom of several issues, or is it nothing?

Making me think that these are all random events and Matthew is just fine--

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