Saturday, August 6, 2011

Days Are Long

Yesterday was the kind of day that reminded me that with kids the days are long but the years are short.

We made our first dry run bicycle ride up to the elementary school.  We made it up there and back in respectable time.  While I watched Alyssa and Jackson swing on the swings and tell jokes to each other, I was amazed that my little babies had turned into these big kids.  The years are short!

Then to make sure I didn't get too nostalgic, both Alyssa and Jackson had complete meltdowns right after lunch. The crying, wailing, 'mommy is mean' kind of meltdown...both of them at the same time.  The days are long!

To finish off our day, we went over to a street festival in a neighboring town.  It was a grand time.  Matthew was distracted enough to take some milk (yipee!). Alyssa had a ball sliding on the big bouncy slides.  Jackson got his face painted like Spiderman (though at the end of the evening he was saying it was Darth Maul).  Lots of small town fun!  And a very nice end to the day!

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