Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyond Crazy

I thought our life was crazy before--but now with Alyssa in elementary school, and next week, Jackson and Matthew going to preschool 3 days a week, and my teaching 5 days a week (in addition to the doctors appointments, therapy appointments, classwork, dance, tball, etc)--I am afraid crazy just doesn't do our life justice anymore.  We have moved beyond crazy. I keep telling myself that we just need to adjust to the new routines.  That we should be settled by mid-September.  At least that is my sincere hope! 

Yesterday was nutso!  I ran in the morning, came home, threw on a different shirt, rode with Alyssa up to school, rode home, jumped in the shower, grabbed the boys and ran out the door...all before 8:15am.  Matthew had a renal appointment at TCH yesterday.  This is his typical 6 month check up for his 1 kidney, but it was good timing. 

We are trying to eliminate all of the possible reasons for Matthew's increased sleeping/sweating and decreased liquid intake.  We've ruled out cardiology (the pediatrician said the echo report was fine).  So, yesterday we continued down the list to renal.  Matthew had labs drawn, which is never fun.  I always explain I need their best person because Matthew doesn't have radial veins in his arms, but somehow they never believe me until the first phlebotomist can't do it.  This time it only took 2 sticks and 7 minutes of them digging for a vein, poor baby Matthew.  But it was an improvement over last time!  Matthew also has a renal ultrasound scheduled for Friday.  Between the labs and the ultrasound, we should be able to check renal off our list and go on to neurology next (and then endocrinology).  If we make it through these 4 specialties with no issues, I think we'll just chalk up these new symptoms as a Matthew phase...unless it gets worse. 

So, yesterday, after the blood draw, we stopped by medical records to get a copy of Matthew's echo (which still had some out of range measurements, but nothing concerning), quickly fed Matthew and then Jackson and jumped in the car to get home in time to get on the bike to go get Alyssa at school (in the 100+ degree heat).  Whew!  And somehow, next week, I need to fit in teaching 5 days a week and prep work.  I just keep telling myself-- mid-September.  We'll be in a rhythm by mid-September!

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