Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday to the Hoy House!

To celebrate our 7th year as the Hoy House, we visited the Downtown Aquarium on Thursday. Alyssa and Jackson have gone before with their Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Steve, and since they enjoyed it so much, we thought it would be fun to have dinner there for our family birthday.  It was fantastic and we didn't even get a chance to do all of the activities.  The tank in the restaurant was amazing.  The kids were enamored with the fish that was as big as Darren and the sting rays that had spots like a cheetah.  The food was good, and we all enjoyed the cheesecake and raspberry sherbert dessert (even Matthew)!  And to end the evening, Alyssa, Jackson and Darren took a ride on the ferris wheel.  Great fun!
The visit to the aquarium was made richer with the kids affection for Finding Nemo.
What a difference a year has made.
Last year, Mattie slept through the dinner, and this year, definitely not!

Big smiles all around!
Jackson ate butter directly from the dish.
The little face you see is Jackson peering down at Matthew and me.

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