Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Matthew has a host of oddities that still go unexplained by our large team of specialists.

-Temperature regulation: Matthew will sweat when no one else is sweating, and if he is the slightest chilled, his lips turn blue.

-Extremities: Matthew's extremities (legs most often) are a different shade than the rest of his body. It is not a tan, and look a little yellowish to me. It is just him.  Also, Matthew's feet swell on occasion.

-Veins: Matthew has small veins, and as our cardiologist noticed during the heart cath, an atypical venous structure. Doesn't seem to concern anyone, except the phlebotomists who have to draw his blood.

-Weird Noises:  You can often hear Matthew's stomach slosh, even if he hasn't had much to drink/eat.  (Like jogging with a half empty water bottle.)  And Matthew grinds his teeth-- seemingly all the time.  

I'm willing to accept these are just part of Matthew, but I do wonder (and worry) if these are anomalies that point to something bigger. Hopefully not. 

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