Tuesday, May 15, 2012


One dark night, as I sat next to Matthew's bed in the ICU, I planned out his funeral.  It sounds completely morbid now, and until this last week, I didn't even tell Darren I had done it.  But in those scary moments, I was truly worried that I needed at least that tentative plan in my head, if the worst case scenario should transpire.  Thanks be to God that Matthew lived and he thrives!

Part of the plan that thankfully didn't need to be executed was to celebrate Matthew at one of our favorite family friendly spots-- Clays.  We've been to Clays many times since that scary night in the ICU and each time I'm so thankful that Matthew is there with us.  We went to Clays last week for Alyssa's end of season softball party and the contrast was so very remarkable, I couldn't help but to cry.  To see Matthew walking all over the property, trying to kiss the horses, excited about the peacock--it was the greatest.  Matthew is doing amazingly well, and the contrast between that dark night and this bright day is dramatic and beautiful.  

Mattie trying to kiss the horse.

Matthew must have walked the grounds 2 dozen times plus. 

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