Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Close

Several months ago, we bought a Star Wars light up lightsaber as a carrot for Jackson.  One week of good behavior (no time outs, no issues controlling emotions) earns him the much coveted light saber.  It has safely been tucked away in the closet.  Every so often, Jackson opens the door, and stares at it a minute, likely dreaming of the day when he'll get to take it out of the box.  

In the last few months, Jackson had one good stretch of 4 days, and then just a couple of days here, and a couple of days there.  There were a few days when I wondered if he'd get the lightsaber before he went to college.  Any time out or trouble managing his emotions starts him back at day 0.  Today he was at day 6.  He was so close.  He just needed to make it through tonight and tomorrow and the light saber would be in his hands on Thursday morning.  

But it just wasn't meant to be. His infraction wasn't even worth it-- he asked me if he could look at his new books (that were bought to read over the summer), and when I said no, he said okay (good), but then sometime this afternoon he took them out of the cabinet after I said no (not good).  So, today is day 0.  I think I'm almost as disappointed as he is...almost.  Hopefully tomorrow will be day 1, yet again.  

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