Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Smiles

Making me smile this week--

-Matthew raising his shirt to show us his baby belly, and belly laughing when we give him zerberts on it. 
-Alyssa and Jackson working on a word search together.
-Matthew riding the push and plasma cars through the house, like toddler Jackson used to do.
-My last week of school.  I love it almost as much as my students do.
-Jackson making it almost 6 days straight without a time out.
-Throwing the softball with Alyssa while waiting for Jackson to bat at his tball game while Matthew played in the grass nearby.
-Alyssa dancing with Matthew while Jackson joyously jumped around.
-Matthew toddling around everywhere-- Costco, BW3s, from the car to the house, Jackson's tball game, Alyssa's softball game, the Sprint for Life, all around the house, all around the garage, and everywhere else we've gone.
-Having dinner with my folks.
-My Grandmother looking stronger.
-Having lunch with Alyssa at school. (A highlight to the end of my semester.)
-Having lunch with a friend.  (Another highlight to the end of my semester.)
-Spending quiet nights with my beloved.
-Making plans for the summer break.  Looking forward to it!

Matthew on the plasma car.
Alyssa helping Jackson with the word search.

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