Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Locked Out

I was planning to take Matthew on a bike ride this morning, so I went out to the garage to hook up the bike trailer.  When I turned the door handle to come back into the house to grab Matthew to go, the door was locked.  Oops.  Matthew must have locked it as he was jiggling the handle.  I checked all the doors around the house-- locked.  No emergency key.  My neighbor with a key was at work.  I was locked out and Matthew was locked in.  Thankfully my cell phone was in the car, which was still unlocked.  I called a friend with a key, and she was out and about away from the neighborhood.  Finally, I sucked it up and called Darren to come home to let me in.  He laughed, hard.

Matthew was perfectly fine with me being locked out and him being locked in. He roamed around the house a bit and would come to the door and knock on it every few minutes. I watched him from our front door (all glass) and he was happy as can be.  We played peek-a-boo on either side of the door. He found a toothbrush to chew on (his new favorite thing to do).  We took turns knocking on the door.  He played in the shoe bins in the front hallway.  Really not much changed for him while I was locked out.

About 20 minutes after the call to Darren, he pulled up, handed me his keys and I was in.  Matthew didn't blink an eye.  Though he seems to enjoy it, I guess he didn't want to go on the bike ride today.

My view from the outside looking in.

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