Saturday, May 19, 2012

Every Day

This past week was wonderful.  It was the every day, simple things that made the week "normal", yet amazing.  Alyssa riding her bike to school.  Jackson playing with his Legos.  Matthew and Jackson playing hide-and-seek.  Tickle fights with all 3 kids.  Matthew toddling around with his toothbrushes.

On Friday, when Alyssa and Jackson were at school and Darren was at work, Matthew crawled up next to me on the couch to watch the last few minutes of the Today show.  Usher was performing and Matthew was clapping along. (Who knew Matthew was an Usher fan?) Then when the commercial came on for pet meds, Matthew patted his leg to sign 'dog'.  After that, we worked on 'over' and 'under' by putting a book on top of our dog (Padme) and under the dog.  After several repetitions, I asked Matthew to put the book under the dog-- and he did!  Nothing he's doing is really remarkable, but yet it completely amazes me.  Like when he spills milk and goes to get a rag to clean it up without being asked, or when he wants to have his belly tickled and he lifts his shirt and makes a blowing sound, or when he rides the scooters around the house, or (still) when he walks.  Just amazing.

The every day is perfect and beautiful!  I appreciate all of these moments and am so thankful for this wonderful week!

Alyssa on her way to school.
This makes me smile. 
Jackson likes taking pictures of himself and Matthew on my iTouch.

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