Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Lefty

Over the last few months, Matthew has made it known that he is going to be left hand dominate.  When we hand him a fork, spoon, or pencil, we always hand it to his right hand (as everyone in our family is right handed).  Matthew grabs it in his right and moves it to his left.  

His occupational therapist was the first one to say it out loud-- Matthew seems to be left handed.  My response-- of course he is.  It is the path less taken (with about 10% of the population left handed), and that is the path Matthew seems to prefer.  So, since we'll have to buy him new scissors anyway, I thought I would just buy him the pair that you can use with your fingers and palm (spring loaded, so no thumb required).  That should make that particular task a little less difficult for him.
Our little lefty...scribbling just fine with his left hand and no thumb.

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