Friday, March 5, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Friday, March 5- Noon

After getting some rest, Darren at the chair next to Matthew’s bed and I in our bed at home, we feel ready to take on the weekend here at TCH. I was disappointed we all won’t be home for the weekend, but hopeful that we’ll go home early in the week without a NG tube.
It will be a very happy day at the Hoy House when we are all at home. Alyssa’s first words when she came into my room this morning was “where is baby Matthew?”. The ‘little mommy’ as I’ve started calling her, misses her baby. Last night and this morning, Alyssa and Jackson were a little more emotional than usual, which isn’t surprising given all of the changes and routine modifications this past week. (And to be honest, we are too!)
Not much activity/change with Matthew since Darren’s update yesterday. We are still waiting for renal to come and evaluate Matthew. His creatin levels are still high which indicates there might be an issue w/his kidney function. Our neonatologist believes that they’ll want some additional tests. Physical therapy came by to see him but he was feeding so they’ll be back this afternoon. The lactation consultant came by , just to see if he has an easier time traditionally feeding than the bottle, as we really want to do whatever is easiest for him. But Matthew had just fallen asleep after his 2 hours of being awake after his 9am feeding. He's been pretty tired from all of the poking and proding and is still taking 1/2 of his feedings through his NG tube. Hopefully this weekend, without the huge blood draw, we'll be able to concentrate on getting that percentage from the bottle higher and higher.
Matthew has been a total blessing to our family. Although his uniqueness was totally unexpected, we have already learned so much from him in his 6 days. We took so many things for granted, and this was a great reminder that we should be thankful for each and every day, every moment. We had gotten into routine in our lives, doing things one way, and expecting the same from baby #3. Baby Matthew is going to help us learn to do things in a whole new way. Finally, we have never felt more loved and supported. The prayers, notes of support, offers of help have been unbelievably uplifting. Thank you!


  1. It sounds like things are getting better. That is great. It always take a while to get things moving in the NICU, but truthfully it is much better to get things done while they are there and not in a pediatric ICU. At least in the nicu a parent doesn't have to stay around the clock. We will continue to say a prayer for Matthew and for you all. I know how hard it is to rest now, but remember it will be even crazier when you get home with your other kids too. -Rebecca Arnold Cashdollar

  2. Sorry you guys won't be home for the weekend, but a few more days to ensure long term stability is probably wise. Not enjoyable, not what we all hoped for, but wise. Glad things are still progressing is a positive manner - and not just with Matthew. You both seem to have grasped the situation by the horns (more Texan sayings) and been incredibly strong and focused. I can promise you that doctors and nurses only have so many tricks and tools. The comforting, loving embrace of a parent cannot be duplicated or bottled! Matthew is just as lucky to have you two as you are to have him. I know the hospitals rooms/smells/etc get old quick and we won't even talk about the food, but soon enough you will be home .. as a strong, vibrant family of 5!