Saturday, March 6, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Saturday March 6-Evening

As expected, it has been a pretty uneventful day here at TCH though we’ve had a lot of reason to celebrate. Matthew has taken and finished all of his feedings via bottle. No NG tube feedings! One huge step home.

We had a visit from physical therapy. No concerns, but they gave us exercises to help him develop the right muscles at the right time. Matthew will be hitting the gym once or twice a day to help him be buff by summer.

We are still waiting on a visit from renal. I feel like I’ve gotten stood up for a date. When do you finally give up and realize that they aren’t coming? I’m an optimist so we continue to wait and hope they’ll come.

Finally, I heard something through the grapevine that I wanted to address here on the blog. Someone we know insinuated that we shouldn’t have had home birth. I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinion about what is best for their birth. I don’t believe home births are for everyone, but in our case, and in this instance, it was perfect for us. I've had 2 previous all natural births. I had outstanding prenatal care by a professional midwife. I had a consultation and ultrasound by an OB. I had an uneventful and healthy pregnancy. Where or how I gave birth has nothing to do with Matthew’s uniqueness. He would be unique if I had given birth at home, at a hospital or in a field. These ‘Matthew specific attributes’ occurred when he was 7-8 weeks in my womb. Thankfully, they were revealed to us as we needed to know, when we could do something about them, and not a moment sooner. Matthew was created by us and God, perfect for us.


  1. AMEN! Praise God for your beautiful blessing and for your love of each other and your entire family. So glad that things are going well for your little one.

  2. Katie, it take a special mom to have an all natural birth. I had a natural birth with Mason, although in the hospital. It was quite interesting how many around had never whitnessed something so natural. I planned on the same for Logan, although Logan had different plans (story for another time). I say----you go girl! To have the stamina and strength to give that to your kids, way to go! Not to say anything less about those who have births in the hospital, a natural birth isn't for everyone. Matthew would be Matthew no matter where you gave birth, I agree. Thank you for sharing Matthew's story with all of us. He has reminded me that everyone is unique and special in their own ways! Hope to meet him one of these days when we are back in Texas!

  3. Amen to that! It definitely takes a special mom to have a natural birth at home. Matthew most certainly would have made his entrance being as unique and fabulous as he wherever he would have been born. We think about and pray for you all constantly. We lifted you up in prayer during our RCIA session this Sunday. Remember also that people make comments like what you heard out of ignorance. You are loved!

  4. What kind of idiot would attribute your situation to a home birth? Wow.. The world sure has some scary people in it.