Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Sunday, March 7- Morning

The morning report: (I wish I could do it in song as Zazu does in the Lion King, but I promise no one would want to hear that!)

Today (3/7) is Matthew’s due date and (if I remember correctly) the birthday of his Godfather. Happy Birthday to Gary Renn!

From our last update through Matthew’s last feeding, he only had to take 15ccs via the NG tube. He’s getting the hang of sucking, swallowing and breathing. Now he just needs to get more proficient at it, as it takes him a LONG time to get through 2 ozs.

The Sunday physician came by to check him out. At least that’s who I think it was, as he didn’t introduce himself and I’ve never met him before. Matthew has lost a little weight the last 2 days. The thinking is that it takes Matthew a lot of energy to take his bottle. So, they are upping his intake to 65ccs. Goodness, it was taking 30-45mins to get through the 60ccs, and now we’ll have to get more down him. We could continue to use the positive thoughts and prayers at his feeding times… 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 both am and pm.

We are still waiting on renal. Come Monday am, I’m going to find their number and start calling them every hour on the hour.

Our laundry list of questions and issues has evolved, but doesn’t seem to be getting shorter over this weekend, making us a little concerned that we’ll be here past Monday. We want to stay as long as we need to, but are definitely anxious to get home with baby Matthew.

Thank you for your continued positive thoughts, prayers and notes. In the quiet of the night (or day), we re-read the kind words and are reenergized by them. Thank you!


  1. "The Sunday physician came by to check him out. At least that’s who I think it was, as he didn’t introduce himself and I’ve never met him before." Seriously? Someone needs to work on their bedside manner. *shaking my head*

  2. I'm ready to start calling renal for you. How annoying. Even a ballpark of when to expect them would be nice, wouldn't it? Robert is also on a 3 hour schedule during the day that aligns pretty closely to Matthew's, so I definitely will be thinking of you/praying for you whenever we sit down for a bottle. Keep up the good work and use this down time to get a little rest if/when you can.

  3. As someone who works in a hospital for a living, I understand the frustrations of waiting. I know what it's like to be on both ends of that situation. However, I will say that I am appalled. Everywhere I've worked, the standard is that you WILL do a consult within 24 hours of the order/request. You REALLY need to let the nurse, admitting doctor, or primary hospitalist in charge of Matthew know that renal has not been in yet, and it's been several days and ask them to consult a different nephrologist if the one that was originally consulted can't make it. (For what it's worth.)