Thursday, March 4, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Thursday, March 4- Morning

Matthew and I had a wonderful night!
Our 4 blessings:
As I was posting yesterday evening, the nurses were working on the blood draw for the genetics test. They need 10ccs of blood and they were able to get 5ccs. This was a huge accomplishment as they have tried no less than 6 times for this particular draw and were never able to get even 1cc. Thankfully his sample can be gathered at different times, so they will work to get the second half later today. (Blessing 1)
Over the last few days, I’ve been having symptoms that I’m doing too much for being a few days postpartum. Not a surprise. Sleep is rare. It is a hike to go get food and to pump every 3 hours. I’ve probably walked more since Monday than I did the week before Matthew’s birth. So to ease our minds and to make sure my symptoms were just from overdoing it and not more, I called my midwife Jane last night. We talked about what was in the range of normal and what I needed to be on the lookout for. She asked that we check my blood pressure and keep an eye out for a few things. During our conversation, Jane also suggested I pump next to Matthew instead of hiking to the milk bank. What a wonderful suggestion. I didn’t even know I could do that! I’m so glad I called her! (Blessing 2)
The days go slow but somehow fly by right now. I looked up at the clock yesterday and it was 7:30p. I thankfully got a room at the Ronald McDonald house again. It is such a wonderful place and unbelievable how good a few hours of sleep feels. I knew I needed to check in to get my key and then head to the other building to grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria. I was dreading all of the walking, but really needed to eat. When I walked into RMH, I was already a little emotional because I was grateful for the room and I flat out cried when they had dinner there. (Blessing 3)
Enter an answer to our prayers, Nicole. She is Matthew’s very compassionate night nurse. First, she found me an adult blood pressure cuff. (My bp is a little high but not alarming. We'll keep an eye on it.) Then we bathed Matthew. For the first time all day, he was wide wake. It was fantastic! Given his huge blood draw earlier, we allowed him to sleep while he took his 6p feeding through his NG tube. With him awake, we needed to try the bottle again at 9p. We tried the special OT recommended bottle and he wasn’t interested in it at all. Nicole recommended we try the traditional bottle again. She watched him eat and commented “he eats like a preemie and let’s try this…” Her suggestion worked like magic. He took almost all of his feeding through the bottle. We just had to finish up a few ccs on the NG tube. The same for the midnight feeding! I got a few hours of sleep, and did Matthew so his 3a feeding was NG tube. His 6a feeding was 2/3 bottle! Talk about an answered prayer!! (Blessing 4)
We have so much to be thankful for…our beautiful 5 day old Matthew, (and Alyssa and Jackson too!), the love and support of our family and friends, the smart doctors and compassionate nurses here at TCH, yesterday, last night, and today!


  1. Hi Katie. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am thinking and praying for you, baby Matthew, and the rest of the family. I have been keeping up with every blog.
    I can't wait to meet him! Rest when you can and keep up the good work Mom!!
    Most sincere,

  2. Katie, sounds like things are going well. Hopefully you can get some rest today, remember you just had him 5 days ago. Take care of your self too!!! Thanks for the updates.


  3. Those are wonderful blessings to hear about!! I LOVED hearing that he was starting to eat more of his bottle. What a great nurse :) God really does provide special people in our lives to help us through. We love you guys and we continue to lift you up in prayer. Seriously I CAN NOT WAIT to hold that precious baby!!! xoxo the mellos

  4. Wonderful news!! Ok momma, you need to take care of YOU too. If you go down, that's not good. We all want EVERYONE healthy and happy. Huge amounts of positive energy and prayer coming from our household to yours. Thank you for the updates. ~BIG Hugs~

  5. Hi Katie...I just realized what you were going through and have finally caught up, and I have to say, you both are ROCKS. Matthew couldn't be more lucky than to have parents like you and Darren, and I know he will come through all this with flying colors. Love the blogs - you give the best detail, but Darren adds the 'local color' (as in the 'vampires' who are trying to get his blood), so thanks to both of you for keeping us well informed. We are all praying for you and little Matthew to get home SOON.

  6. Thinking back to how I felt physically 3 days after Robert was born, I can imagine how exhausted you are. Remember, you need your strength not just today, but tomorrow and the next day and even more when Matthew goes home with you. And if your body is like mine, pumping is way harder if you are exhausted. Can those RM people help you find an extra wheelchair for those long walks??