Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Sunday, March 7- Late Evening

Two late breaking developments this evening-

1. We received a visit from the nephrology fellow (aka renal or Dr Burrows) this evening! She reviewed the kidney ultrasound and at Matthew’s blood work and then looked him over. She ordered a Chem 7 (more blood work) to check his creatin levels and whatever else is in the Chem 7.

Here are the if->then statements: If the creatin comes back high, then they will do a VCUG which checks for kidney reflux. If the VCUG comes back negative, then they will order further tests. If the VCUG comes back positive, then they will treat the reflux (most likely surgically). If the creatin comes back normal, then no more tests will be needed. {Whew, am I ever glad I put a notebook in our bag as I’d never remember all of this stuff w/o writing it down!}

Matthew has what they call an “ectopic fused kidney”. Dr Burrows indicated that there are usually no symptoms with this anomaly but sometimes there is an increased risk of infection. If he does have symptoms, we will follow up with urology for surgical options.

We should receive a follow up visit tomorrow from the attending nephrologist.

2. Matthew gained an ounce since yesterday! The additional 5ccs per feed (probably combined w/the fact that he’s getting stronger and not expending as much energy to eat) seems to have reversed the weight loss trend.

Our departure date is still unknown, but I feel like we are on our way. I’m a little doubtful that it will be tomorrow. I am hopeful for a quick blood draw in the morning, followed by whatever needs to come next. We’ll just have to see. Until then, I’m just going to enjoy spending as much cuddle time w/my beautiful Matthew as possible (and hopefully get a little bit of sleep).


  1. Reading along and thinking of you all. Sending my best and most positive thoughts out to you and Matthew that your time there is almost done. I'm so glad to hear about the feeding. That's a huge stressor even in the best of circumstances. You are so strong.

  2. Thank God for small victories!