Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Wednesday, March 3- Morning

Logically, I know that I gave birth 4 days ago and my emotions are normally all over the place at this point. I vividly remember sitting on the floor in our house 4 days postpartum w/Jackson crying “I don’t think I can do two kids”. That just seems so silly now. I’m hoping when I look back, all of this will seem as silly. For right now though, logic isn’t my ruling emotion. So, with that disclaimer, here’s the latest.

For our steps forward yesterday, I think we might have taken a little step back last night. Matthew alternates every other feeding from the bottle then NG tube. His 9:00p bottle last night did not go well. He spit out as much as he drank and had to finish his feeding on the NG tube. He’s also looking jaundiced again.

Hopefully the sun will bring us the good once again. The doctors do rounds about 9:00am and I’m looking forward to that. Besides all the other testing and consults scheduled for today, they’ll do another jaundice screen this morning, and I pray Matthew doesn’t need to go under the lights again. Not only do I need to hold him, but I’m worried about how long we’re going to need to stay here. We’d hoped we’d be here a day, and knew that it was unlikely we’d go home until at least tomorrow. But if he’s rebounding jaundice, there is no telling when we’d go home. I’m anxious to take him home. I need to see Alyssa and Jackson. They need to see Matthew. Last night when we talked to the kids, both of them asked us to give ‘Baby Bro-ter’ (as Jackson calls him) a kiss.

So, my prayers for today… that Matthew isn’t rebounding jaundice, that the occupational therapist can help us with his bottle feedings, that Matthew continues to get the tests he needs to figure this out, for the doctors wisdom, and that Matthew can feel love all around him.

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thoughts! We cannot say enough how much we appreciate it.


  1. Katie, thanks for taking the time to post these updates. So many out here in this virtual world are thinking you and your family. And so many of us are amazed by your capacious heart, motherly grace, and just sheer fortitude. I'm sorry to hear that last night was a bit rougher, and those early morning hours in the hospital are tough. I hope the sun coming up gave you more brightness. I'll be thinking of you throughout the day and hoping that you receive more clarity and comfort from the doctors as the day goes on. I'll also be hoping that you get more moments of snuggling with your beautiful little guy today. (Elizabeth S.)

  2. What a wonderful, loving mother you are-- so strong!! Let the power of each day give you even more strength and let it bring good news throughout the day so you can return home to be reunited with your children. Thank you for updating us. We are with you every step of the way. May he be released soon so that he can meet his brother and sister and so that y'all can hold him in the comfort and love of your home. Please let us know your needs so that we can do something to help.

    --Jennifer M.