Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matthew Aaron-Sunday, March 7- Evening

Dr. Personable from earlier today came back by and put a positive spin on nephrology (renal) not showing up. If Matthew had concerning labs or was showing signs of needing dialysis, they would have showed up before now. Hmmm… his BUN level is normal and his creatin levels are elevated but they aren’t going up. As well, his ‘output’ is normal. Dr. P might have been correct, but we still need to see renal before we leave and this is our last outstanding hurdle, as Mathew has his eating issues under control (we hope).

The feeding update—Matthew has told us (in his way) that we shouldn’t assume we know what he can or can’t do. I was skeptical this morning that he would take 65ccs per feeding as we’ve been struggling to get 60ccs in 60 mins. I am thrilled (and humbled) to say that he has proven me wrong! What a great lesson to learn…don’t assume ‘ability’ or ‘inability’. Matthew is eating like a champ and had shortened his time each feeding. The prayers and positive thoughts worked! I look forward to the NG tube coming out!

The new development today is that Matthew’s eye has gooped up. We are hopeful it is just a clogged tear duct, but they cultured it in case of infection. More to come on this new development.

Today was quiet but nice. After a visit this morning from a dear friend and Darren’s brother (Bryan), Darren headed home to spend the afternoon and evening with Alyssa and Jackson. It will do them good to spend time with Daddy! This afternoon, Matthew and I had more wonderful visits from another dear friend and friends from church. It was so nice to see friendly faces! Thank you Bonnie, Bryan, Kirsten, Ed and Pam!

Through the last week, we’ve been asked countless times “what can I/we do to help?” I understand the feeling of just wanting to help, of wanting to offer support. Last fall, we lost our cousin and friend, Jenn, after her courageous battle with ovarian cancer. I remember wanting to just do anything, anything at all to support her and her family. Keeping that in mind, what we need most is your prayers and positive thoughts for Matthew, for his doctors and care team, and for our resolve. Our basic needs are being cared for as our dear friend, Kirsten, is thankfully coordinating our meals ( Our new charity of choice is the Ronald McDonald House, I can’t imagine what this week would have been like without RMH. You can visit their website at to make a donation or find out what is on their ‘wish list’.

Finally, speaking of Jenn, it is probably not theologically correct, but even before Matthew was born, I could picture his Aunt Jenn holding his soul before he was born. So much so, I told her that she needed to let him go so he could be born. A day later, he was here. I miss her and today, I am thankful for our special angels looking over us from heaven.

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