Saturday, July 23, 2011


During Matthew's gastric emptying scan, I had an hour and 10 minutes to do nothing but watch Matthew sleep, reflect back upon our journey with Matthew and pray. 

Being in TCH always brings a flood of memories that I typically keep deep in my memory, and this time was magnified as I listened to the music of the CARE channel (as I've done for at least part of every hospital stay) and watched my sweet baby Matthew sleep (again, as I've done for at least part of every hospital stay).  

I reflected upon...

...the first time I heard Matthew's heart beating as I laid on our couch, with my midwife holding the doppler.
...the day of his birth.
...our scary first night at TCH.
...surprise after surprise about Matthew and his anatomy. far he's come, doing things we didn't know whether he'd ever do.
...the fact that the last several months have been relatively uneventful considering the previous year before. thankful I am that God thought Darren and I were worthy to be Matthew's parents. fortunate we are to have Alyssa and Jackson and our supportive family and friends. 

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