Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paranoid or Cautious

Lately, my mommy alarm has been quietly clanging.  I'm hoping it is a false alarm and I'm just being paranoid.  Matthew has been sleeping a lot (16-18 hours/day) and sweating more than usual for him (and when others aren't).  Now, maybe he's just going through a growth spurt and it is the middle of the summer.  Hopefully it is just that.

I will feel a lot better after cardiology tells me I'm being paranoid.  So, even though Matthew isn't due for a cardiology follow up for 6 more months, I've made an appointment for him. I'm quite happy to say that we are going to see the cardiologist from TCH that fixed Matthew's heart in the cath lab last October.  I had incorrectly assumed that this cardiologist was only in the cath lab, but to my relief, he sees regular patients too.  He knows Matthew's heart--he has seen it.  He knows how dire the PDA was. He experienced Matthew's atypical venous structure. He saw the small aortic arch.  He saved Matthew's life...literally.  I am so thankful we are going to be seeing him in 2 weeks!  My alarm is clanging but I don't believe that Matthew is in danger like he was last year.  I so pray the cardiologist tells me I'm just being a paranoid mommy!   

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