Monday, July 18, 2011

Nice Weekend

We had a very nice weekend with family and friends.  Friday we saw Grandma (Darren's mom) and went out for dinner.  I feared that going out to dinner wouldn't be as nice and relaxing as I wished, but we went out with some friends, and that distraction made it very enjoyable (with the 6 kids- ages 5y, 4y, 4y, 1y, 3mo, 3mo).  Saturday we finally unpacked from vacation and saw Granny and Granddad (my folks).  Sunday we went to the Astros game with the same friends.  It was a great time! Thankfully I think the kids are starting to lose their vacation crazies, which made the weekend even more enjoyable!
Since the Astros are in last place, there were plenty of open seats.
Jackson kicked his feet up while enjoying his chicken & fries.

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