Friday, July 29, 2011

Pediatrician Visits

Jackson had his 4 year well visit with the pediatrician yesterday.  All is well...except his enormous tonsils, which are going to have to come out.  Yep, this year we are paying for our ENT to get a new car.  4 ENT surgeries on 3 kids in 2011.  Thankfully we have hit our family deductible and this should be uncomplicated for Jackson.

Today I took Matthew in to the pediatrician to discuss the issues that have been concerning us of late (his excessive sleeping, sweating, decreased liquid intake, etc).  I'm hoping I'm just being paranoid, but the pediatrician thinks we are being prudent.  It sounds like Matthew's heart.  But we did a strep and mono test, both came back negative.  We had a chest x-ray done that indicated that there is no fluid buildup in the lungs and no change in the size of the heart from the last x-ray.  (Good news) But Matthew's pulse oxygen levels are low for him (they were 95-96%, which is the low end of normal but Matthew is usually 99-100% even when he is struggling to breathe) and Matthew's hemoglobin levels are elevated. 

So, it sounds like something is going on with Matthew, we just don't know what it is yet.  The pediatrician would like us to get into the cardiologist before our August 9th date, so I've called and left message with Dr. P's assistant in hopes they can work Matthew in before the 9th.

I keep trying to rationalize away all of these things (e.g. maybe the 2 pulse oximeters used were off, maybe Mattie is going through a growth spurt, maybe his new meds cause his hemoglobin numbers to go up, etc.) but it is becoming harder to rationalize all of these things away.  I feel like we did a year ago-- there are a dozen pieces in front of me, and I'm not sure if it is even a puzzle, and if it is, is it one puzzle or more than one?  I'm praying hard that this is just all concidence.  We appreciate the continued prayers for our sweet baby Matthew!

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  1. Trust your instinct. Hopefully it is something simple like a medication reaction, but from my experiences I know I was never wrong. You are Matthew strongest voice. And we all know how loud that voice is. Don't let the doctors ever make you second guess your thoughts. We both might not have our kiddos if we listened to every doctor or person who says, "Your the mommy, I your just worried." We will say an extra prayer for Matthew.