Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gastroparesis Meds

We've been fretting and trying to figure out what to do about Matthew's gastroparesis meds.  A 14 day supply was a little pricey (a brand name, with no generic).  We called the GI-- no alternative, this medication is the first line med for Matthew's slow gastric motility issue.  We called the pharmacy-- no generic or alternative. (cost=full price)  But thankfully when I picked up the script, our wonderful pharmacist filled 28 days for the single co-pay. (cost=1/2 as much)  And when I called the insurance company-- no alternative, but they should be able to fill it via mail order at a discounted rate, that is if the GI's annoying nurse can figure out how to get the script written correctly for it. (cost=1/3 as much) Much easier on our budget! Now, hopefully the medication will work for Matthew! 

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