Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Must Be Crazy-Again!

Just like last year, taking 2 preschoolers and a baby on a road trip isn't really a 'vacation', it is just taking kid care on the road.  Though, even with that, this year was much easier than last year, hands down!  What a difference a year makes!  We had a total blast on our 2nd annual 'We Must Be Crazy' road trip. 

First we stopped by my best friend's place near Indianapolis where we visited the children's museum.  We all enjoyed the extensive dinosaur collection at the museum and we had a great time catching up as well.  Although I talk to her several times a week, I didn't realize how much I missed seeing her in person until I did. 
Debra, Alyssa & Jackson
I shed a few tears driving away, but couldn't be sad too long, as next we headed north to Michigan where we enjoyed 5 days on Round Lake along with 18 of our extended family.  The first night there, the kids walked in the lake with their clothes on.  From then on, it was a challenge to get them out of the lake. Well, except when we'd take the pontoon across the lake to get ice cream.  On the 4th, we let the kids stay up late to enjoy the fireworks and catch fireflies (which aren't found in Houston).  They had a blast!  The entire 5 days was fantastic!  A huge thank you to Uncle Gary and Aunt Peggy!!
Aly and Jax feeding the ducks w/Uncle Jerry

Aly and Jax rowing the boat with Uncle Gary

Jackson shoveling the sand

Jackson driving the boat with Uncle Mike
(on the way to the ice cream shop)

Alyssa and Matthew in the lake
Our final leg of the trip sent us over to Chicago to spend a few more days with our extended family.  We adore spending time with them-- these people are so much fun, we'd want to spend time with them even if we weren't related!  Our final day in Chicago we celebrated Jackson's 4th birthday, sad that our time was ending but distracted by the joyous activity.
Alyssa and Jackson at Cars 2
It was a perfect vacation, full of friends, family, and fun!!  Well worth the 2750 miles in the car!

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